The Gnomes

Behind many hills, behind many lakes, amidst the dense trees of the ancient trees, the glade spreads. You will see a variety of plants on it, lots of flowers and shrubs unknown anywhere else in the woods. There is a stream flowing through the glade, which in one place spills into a small pond. A roaring willow bends over it, water lilies and small wooden boats float above it. In one of the boats usually seats a bearded little man. He smokes his pipe and stares at small wrinkles on the water that crash on boat's side.

So this story begins, just here and now.

Shelter between trees

We are an ancient folk, we have existed since the dawn of history. For many years we have accompanied people in their daily lives, many of their folk tales and folklore still mentions our ancestors. Nowadays most of us, Gnomes, live here, among trees of the Primeval Forest, which has been our home and shelter for many years. However we should accept, that the days have come and our idyll in his shores will change. For good or for bad, who knows? Change is inherent, and I, as my father did before, as well as his father, I intend to observe these changes and faithfully describe them in our chronicles.

Gnomes and the internet

I suppose you would like to know, what we are doing on the internet?! Well, thanks to Gnome Long Foot open recently one of the latest inventions of humanity, tablet. This is a large and bulky device that occupies of my entire table, however somehow I am advised. Fortunately, he chose one of the smaller specimens, and some of them are exaggerated. I can't imagine what I would do with such a thing, that I should get rid of my favorite couch to make a place to store it in my living-room. But I've lost the topic, there is a mission to perform! Yes, I am also involved in it, maybe a little less active than the other daredevils.

Primeval Forest

Since some time we have started to receive disturbing news. People destroy our home. On the peripheries of the Primeval Forest appeared powerful machines, commanded by bearded barbarians in plaid shirts. With a single nod of the hand, they knock down entire patches of ancient trees, destroying irrevocably trees and shelters which they make for numerous forest animals. It is one who decides in the depths of the wilderness and once again reaches us once more to the novice for more information about the growing threat. What will happen to our home? We do not know yet.

Today we need to face also other problems. The World has been overwhelmed by anxiety, and we have lost a contact with our brothers and cousins scattered in various parts of the world since many years. After many days of debate Council of Elders Gnomes decided, that it is our duty to take care of all the relatives and to find those who are absent.

Our Groups

Gnome Long Foot, the bravest between us, undertook a lonely scouting expedition. Thanks to him we already know that our task won't be easy. The world has changed, and we should change too. In the end, it was decided to operate in two directions. The Search Group was formed, under the leadership of Gnome Long Feet, who set out to find our relatives, as well as the second Central Group, which is coordinated by me personally.

We work stationary, my closest assistants are Gnome Dodger and my peon and nephew, Gnome Scribe. We try to give our best to support the Search Group from the distance. We assume that since people are realizing the internet for communication, we also are able to do this. Establishing contact with the brothers is very valuable, so you, who read this, would know that we wait for you.


Wrote it myself, I, Gnome Chronicler.
At first days of Autumn 2017