Meeting the fox

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There was another sunny day when I left my hut. The Autumn’s sun shimmered among the already golden maple’s leaves, which grows near by my house. As usual, I sat on a bench in front of the entrance to put on shoes and neatly pull my shoelace, when suddenly the shade moved behind the large herb flower pot.

The fox

Moment later, a black nose came out of the shadows, followed by pointed red ears. Dark damp eyes flickered, then a young fox ran to me and nimbly slipped into a free seat on the bench next to me.

He sighed with satisfaction and stretched out in the morning sun’s beams. The long hind feet rested on the ground, while the front he has puckered on his stomach. The fluffy crest gently slid next to them. Muttering something to himself, he were gently stirring his mustaches on the ginger snout.

I waited for a while before I started asking the first questions. I figured out, that  he probably watched me for some time before he ventured to show himself. I wasn’t far from true. It turned out, that for a few days he lived in a small grove behind my house. He came here when his family dump was destroyed. The old pine, that lent them shelter in own shade, has been uprooted.


Escape of the young fox

These were hard days when he ran into the forest. He was frightened, thirsty and hungry, and he was followed by the bang of cracking branches of the tree. For the first time alone, without his brothers and sisters, because in a panic each of them ran in another direction.

He decided to flee the depths of the forest and find the mythical trees and spirits of the forest. He was told they are inhabiting inmost deeps of the oldest part of the forest. He heard stories from his uncle, but he never met them, so he couldn’t confirm whether they really existed.


However, after many days of solitary descent, he has reached the clearing, where he saw colorful pointed cones flashing among the grasses. He knew already that his uncle wasn’t mistaken. He managed to find the gnomes and this calm him, for despite all the horror, he began to look better than the last days. Uncle told him many stories in which the forest spirits always helped the needy and gave them their care. He was in a need right now, alone, separated from the family, so he knew they will help him. However the important news, he was about to pass on, were disturbing.

Deserved rest

He knew he had found a new home. Finally allowed himself to relax and decided to sit on my bench to share this moment with me. And I was the first to hear his story of what was happening on the Pine Hill. But I will write about it some other time. The day is already coming to an end and I am getting increasingly weary. Tomorrow is waiting for us a lot of tasks, so I have to rest well to have the strength to do it.


Wrote it myself, I, Gnome Chronicler.
At first days of Autumn of 2017

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